There are 3 types of POA meetings.

-The first type of meeting is the Open Board of Directors meeting. The Board is required to meet regularly (at least 4 times per year), to discuss POA business and to vote.  These meetings are announced at least 72 hours in advance and are open for any owner to watch/listen.  An Open Board of Directors meeting does not allow for owners to interrupt or give input during the actual meeting. If the agenda lists a “Good of the Order”, that is a courtesy time the Board allows for owners to ask questions or speak and is usually limited to 3 minutes max per owner. 

-The 2nd type of POA meeting is the Annual Owners Meeting.  This is a meeting for the POA owners to vote on a Board of Directors and for the Board of Directors to vote on the next annual budget and possible assessment increases. Owners may speak and bring up issues during an Annual Owners Meeting as long as they follow Robert’s Rules of Order (as outlined in our ByLaws).

-The 3rd type of POA meeting is a Special Meeting.  A Special meeting can be called when required if something must be discussed and voted on immediately but falls outside the Open Board of Directors meeting or the Annual Owners meeting.  Special meetings could be a Special Meeting of the Board (where the Board is meeting, but not soliciting input from the membership), or a Special Meeting of the Members where member input is solicited and welcome. Additionally, advance notice for any Board, Member or Special Meeting is required by TX Property Code.